RORO Skip Hire Services

RoRo skip hire services also known as Roll-on Roll-off, provide efficient waste management solutions utilizing large metal containers or skips ranging from 20 to 40 cubic yards in size. These skips are designed to be easily loaded onto specialized trucks, enabling seamless transportation to and from designated waste disposal or recycling facilities. The versatility and capacity of RoRo skips make them ideal for handling substantial volumes of waste or bulky items that would pose challenges with other waste collection methods. Consequently, they are a popular choice among construction sites, industrial businesses, and commercial enterprises that generate significant amounts of waste.

RoRo skips are particularly valuable for businesses that generate bulky or oversized waste items that cannot be easily accommodated in standard skips or bins. This includes construction debris, industrial materials, and commercial waste that may be difficult to manage using conventional waste collection methods. The availability of RoRo skips ensures that businesses can efficiently dispose of such waste, promoting a safer and more organized working environment.

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RORO Skip Hire Dimensions

We take pride in offering a wide selection of RoRo skip hire services with varying dimensions to meet our customers’ diverse waste management needs. Our RoRo skips are available in different sizes, ensuring that we have the perfect solution for your specific project or job requirements. For instance, our 20-yard RoRo skip measures approximately 6.10 meters (20 feet) in length, 2.44 meters (8 feet) in width, and 1.22 meters (4 feet) in height. With a capacity of up to 20 cubic yards, it can hold an estimated 160-200 bin bags of waste.

Our 25-yard RoRo skip might be the ideal choice if you require a larger skip. It boasts dimensions of approximately 7.32 meters (24 feet) in length, 2.44 meters (8 feet) in width, and 1.52 meters (5 feet) in height. With a capacity of up to 25 cubic yards, it can accommodate around 200-250 bin bags of waste.

We also offer a 30-yard RoRo skip, measuring approximately 9.14 meters (30 feet) in length, 2.44 meters (8 feet) in width, and 1.52 meters (5 feet) in height. It provides a capacity of up to 30 cubic yards, equivalent to approximately 240-300 bin bags of waste.

We understand the importance of having the right-sized skip for waste disposal. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the most suitable RoRo skip based on your project requirements.

RORO Skip Hire Prices

We understand the importance of offering transparent pricing to our customers. The cost of hiring a RoRo skip hire services from us will depend on various factors, including the size of the skip, the location of your site, and the duration of the hire period. We strive to provide competitive rates while ensuring high-quality service.

As every project has unique requirements, we encourage you to reach out to us directly for a personalized quote. Our experienced team will consider your project’s specific details and provide you with an accurate price tailored to your needs. We believe in offering transparent pricing, so you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees or surprises in your final bill. While it’s difficult to provide an exact price without specific details, the overall cost for hiring a RoRo skip from our company typically ranges from £300 to £1000.

In addition, we value our customers and aim to provide cost-saving opportunities. We offer flexible hire durations to accommodate projects of various timelines, and we may have special discounts available for long-term hire or multiple skip hires. Our goal is to deliver excellent value for your investment in our RoRo skip hire services.

Benefits of RORO Skip Hire

RoRo skip hire near me, also known as Roll-on Roll-off skips, offer a range of benefits for those in need of efficient and effective waste management solutions. These large containers provide a convenient and practical option for handling substantial volumes of waste generated by commercial, industrial, and construction projects. The key benefits of using RoRo skip hire services include their capacity to hold significant amounts of waste, their suitability for bulky and heavy materials, and their ability to streamline waste disposal processes. With RoRo skips, businesses can enjoy increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved environmental sustainability in their waste management practices.


RoRo skips offer an efficient waste management solution for businesses and construction sites dealing with large volumes of waste. The spacious containers can accommodate substantial amounts of waste, allowing for convenient and streamlined waste disposal processes.


By opting for RoRo skip hire, businesses can benefit from cost-effective waste disposal. The larger capacity of RoRo skips means fewer trips to disposal facilities, reducing transportation costs. Additionally, some skip hire companies may offer competitive pricing and discounts for longer hire durations, further optimizing cost savings.


RoRo skip hire services are versatile and can be used across various industries and projects. Whether it’s construction sites, industrial facilities, or commercial enterprises, RoRo skips cater to the waste disposal needs of diverse sectors. Their adaptability makes them a practical choice for a wide range of waste management requirements.

Time Savings

With RoRo skip hire, businesses can streamline their waste disposal process. The skips are conveniently loaded onto specialized trucks, enabling easy transportation to designated waste disposal or recycling facilities. This streamlined process helps save time and effort for businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Acceptable & Non Acceptable Waste

When hiring a RORO skip for waste disposal, it’s important to understand what types of waste are acceptable and non-acceptable. 

Acceptable Wastes for RoRo Skip Hire:

  • Construction Debris: Including bricks, concrete, tiles, rubble, and asphalt.

  • Demolition Waste: Such as broken concrete, wooden beams, metal structures, and plasterboard.

  • Industrial Waste: Including non-hazardous materials generated from manufacturing processes or industrial activities.

  • Commercial Waste: Such as office furniture, fixtures, fittings, and general waste produced by commercial establishments.

  • Garden Waste: Including branches, leaves, grass clippings, and soil.

  • Household Waste: Non-hazardous waste generated from residential properties during renovation or clearance.

Non-Acceptable Wastes for RoRo Skip Hire:

  • Hazardous Waste: Such as chemicals, solvents, paint, batteries, asbestos, and medical waste. These require specialized disposal methods.

  • Electrical and Electronic Waste: Including appliances, computers, monitors, TVs, and other electronic equipment. These require proper recycling channels.

  • Liquids: Any liquid waste, including oil, paint, or other hazardous liquids, is not suitable for disposal in RoRo skips.

  • Gas Cylinders: Propane, butane, or any other pressurized gas cylinders should not be disposed of in RoRo skips due to safety risks.

  • Biological or Medical Waste: Including biological materials, sharps, or infectious waste. These require specific handling and disposal procedures.

It is essential to adhere to the guidelines provided by the skip hire company regarding acceptable and non-acceptable wastes. If you are unsure about a specific waste item, it is advisable to consult with the skip hire service or seek advice from waste management professionals to ensure proper disposal.

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